Tuesday, January 23, 2007

greenie beanies are finger food

I a sitting at work eating my lunch waiting for those ladies taking their lunch breaks to come in and disturb me. It actually makes lunch take longer, leaving me to not eat as much. It's a good thing. But those ladies, they aren't coming in. I suppose I shouldn't just say the ladies since we do have men come in, but they are not the regular lunchtime shoppers.

I made a flank steak stuffed with portabello mushrooms I got at CostCo with greenie beanies and bread. It was better last night (the steak). The greenie beanies, divine!!! I recommend anyone and everyone to eat them instead of fries. Finger food. It makes things taste better! With a hint of sea salt...mmmmm.

Tonight is knit night at my friend, Amy's. I am quite excited. We were supposed to all get together last week, but she postponed it due to the snow. Today is sunny and lovely out. I don't plan on drinking any wine, but I do plan on showing her that I found my sweater pattern. She and I were going to knit sweaters together this winter. We've slacked because of me. I couldn't find the pattern I wanted to use. Now, after running to Powells with my friend Shannon on Sunday, I have the pattern. I just need to find the yarn next. That shouldn't be too tough. We'll just head to my favorite LYS and figure out if my favorite alpaca yarn would work for it.

I'm excited. A shoe store pal I've not seen in a while just popped in. We're going to set up a date to knit. Our dogs have played together once, but we kind of lost contact after that (you know, life rearing its head and getting in the way of new friendships).

Okay, rambling has commenced so it is my sign that I need to sign off and continue my lunch.


Ginny said...

Can't wait to see the pattern you chose for your sweater! Have you got colors in mind?


Becky said...

Green beans are one of those things that I know taste good, but I just never seem to make them (I usually put balsamic vinegar on them).

Jack K. said...

bon apetit!

Green beans are great whether cooked, raw or cold leftovers.

Did you see where some restaurant chain is dipping them in batter, deep frying them and serving them as appetizers? Why the batter?

I look forward to pics of the Henry and the sweater.