Monday, January 29, 2007

my very first video game (as an adult)

I went to Thanksgiving in January at our friends house last night. Kev ended up having to go in to work because someone was "sick." Of course it was dude's first day back after a week long vacation so we're not really thinking he was sick, rather he just didn't want to be back...

Anyway, I get to Jenn and Dugan's house and eat fabulous food and share wonderful company. Our friends, Erik and Jess, have brought over this game. I have never been so enthralled with a game personally. I've seen Kev get wrapped up in them, but I've never felt that pull. Until last night.

I left around 20 after nine and stopped to pick Kev up on the way home. I had it all figured out, I would grab him and then we'd zip over to Fred Meyer's to get the game. But as I turned into the complex where he works...WALMART. Now, I normally do not like shopping there, but the pull of this game was too great. And they stay open until midnight, Fred's I think is only until ten (which it was rapidly approaching).

Kev is playing now, but Jill will be coming over in a few hours to get her game on. It's ridiculous and there is no rhyme or reason to it, other than to have fun. And that, it achieves!


PlazaJen said...

I still miss my Sim. (Stolen in the burglary.)
Have fun gamin'!

Jack K. said...

Does this mean we will have some competition for your attention in May? lol

I can hardly wait.