Monday, January 01, 2007

and away we go

Our neighbors like to celebrate. They really like to celebrate WITH fireworks. Our dog does not like fireworks. We decided to try a little something different last night. I figured if we acted like there was nothing happening and all was normal, Josie would pick up on the vibes and remain calm. And you know what? It worked (for the most part). She only grumbled a bit instead of the full on pant, pace, bark fiasco of the past. We went to bed, turned off the music and there were still some pops and snaps happening. She got up once and tried to get on the bed with us but I told her firmly to go to HER bed and she did.

The cats, they were a bit freaked out, but they just snuggled up with us and were fine.

We had a lovely evening of ordering pizza after all the cleaning I mentioned in the last post. We watched I <3 Huckabees (can't figure out how to make a little heart icon other than that way). It's over now. It was not like any movie I'd ever seen. Not good, not bad, it just simply was.

I continued working on knitting, but part way through one of the scarves I decided to call it a day with the knitting. Finishing two projects (both had been started already and one had very little left to do) as well as starting two made me tired. I may not knit today, I just don't know. Yeah. Right.

Kev is off to work and it's just me and the crew in the quiet of the house. The only sounds we hear are the heater and the clicking of the keys as I type. I like it this way. Kev thinks I'm nuts for not having music playing all the time. I tell him I like the quiet. He just shakes his head at me.

Oh, he wore the hat today. Actually, I put it on last night and told him I liked it so if he didn't I'd take it and he could go buy himself one. The look on his face! He promptly put it on and wore it the last few hours of 06. His remark to why he's not sure about it is: "It's just looser that I expected." I told him that if he wore it and he wasn't satisfied I have the other ball of yarn still and would make him another one, with 10 sts fewer still. I think he'll keep this one. :)

So yeah, I've got the rest of my day ahead of me and nothing in mind to fill it with. I'm sorry to those who had to go in to work today. It's one of my regular days off though so I'm not all that sorry.

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PlazaJen said...

Happy New Year! I'm glad Miss J took her cues from you & not your neighbors..... sorry 'bout her accident. Must be our dogs telling us "Happy New Year!" in THEIR language?