Monday, January 15, 2007

any cuter?

I am in the process of designing fliers for the Valentine's Day yoga practice. It is a donation practice with all the proceeds going to the Oregon Humane Society. Diana and I spoke of having images of animals on the fliers. She was wanting to use images of animals who had been adopted, instead of bred and bought. I couldn't have agreed more. I came home and promptly start taking photos of the trio. All were adopted, although Simon was the only one from the OHS. Chloe was adopted from the Kansas Humane Society and Josie through Second Chance Companions.

I got a great shot of Chloe today, but adapted one of Simon and Josie to suit our needs. I'm now just waiting for the template to come from Diana's boss so I can plug stuff in.

Do they get any cuter than these three?


Jack K. said...

Great pics.

Great project.

Great daughter.

Love ya,


Steve said...

OHMYGOODNESS those are cuuuute shots, and yesh, you rule. i agree with jack.

the first shot made me positively GIGGLE with glee.

yesh, i said glee. i can handle it.
truust me.


shannon said...

um...steve? :)

bronxbt said...

gmail is so weird. i come up as steve once in awhile.. i have no idea what the hell is going on