Sunday, January 14, 2007


So right after we got home from the hospital on Wednesday night I immediately set to work on Henry's hat. Today, it is done. It's the sweetest. I made it out of the leftover superwash merino I made my sleeves out of. This means, they can wash it. It gets softer with every washing. I can hardly wait to get to see him again and snuggle it on his head. Don't worry, pictures will be taken!

Of course this makes knit night on Tuesday a bit of a mystery to me...whatever will I work on? I suppose there are a couple of scarves I wanted to make for my father in law and his wife. But with them wintering in Phoenix, it doesn't make much sense nor does it create a sense of urgency to get them done. Maybe I'll make myself some wrist warmers or a small skull cap...hmmmm.

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Ginny said...

Well......if your inlaws are in Phoenix right now - they could actually use some scarves! It has been SO cold these past few days. Last night dropped down to about 27 and tonight its going to be about the same! I went out last night & wrapped both of our hose bibs!

I walked the dogs about and hour or so ago........had on a heavy down jacket - and was Still cold! This sucks!