Friday, January 05, 2007

the oddities of dreams

I woke this morning shaking my head.

Dream: my sister is about to get married to the guy she dated prior to the man she is actually married to in wakeful life. This guy, for some reason, is in a wheel chair (I am fuzzy as to why in the dream but am sure it is not permanent, but an accident).

The "wedding" is in an old warehouse. There is a lack of coordination and a judge is performing the nuptials from behind an old wooden podium. At some point, during the chaos of getting everyone on the rights sides of the podium, this guy looks up at me. I smile through my dislike and he asks me to lean in, he's got something to tell me. I figure this will be good. He says, "NEVER call my your brother. I am NOT your brother..." I am baffled.

Something happened and the wedding never takes place and we fast forward to a sunny beach. She is in a beautiful gown that is blowing in the wind. David (her real life husband) is there in an off white pair of linen pants and a white button down shirt, barefooted. Before they can do anything, he looks at me and smiles. I know at that instant I can call him my brother (even if it's in-law).


I guess it's safe to say I am thrilled that my sister did indeed marry David and not that last guy. There was also an instant in the dream where I was floating down some canal listening to my Zune. I floated by some dolphin enclosure and they were out, performing. I was impressed until some little girl said to her mother, "I wonder what that one's name is?" and the dolphin smiled and answered in plain english. I shook my head and floated on muttering things about it being an outrage that dolphins don't speak in our language. I was pissed that the idiots around me were whispering, "did you hear that? it's name is donna!"

okay END now...

(writing this post I am lead to remember words a dear friends father used to tell her, "Nobody wants to read about your dreams, Jennifer." And I smile. Perhaps this time, he'd be right.)

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Jack K. said...

Don't bet on it.

I find it most interesting.

I second the motion of having David as a member of our family and we members of his.