Wednesday, January 03, 2007

sweet, sweet routine

I know I've said it before, but I like a routine. I don't mind dabbling with occassional bouts of non-routine things every once in a while. However, when it comes to work, give me routine. In at 10 out at 6 type of thing. I don't care if what happens between those hours is all goofy and odd, just give me the knowledge that I start at 10 and end at 6.

That routine will be changing a bit, but the idea is the same. When I work at the store, I am 10-6. When I work in the office, I can go in when I want and leave 8 hours later. Today. I am going to go in at 9 so I can leave at 5. I likey!

I debated about taking the car today. Kev has off work today and tomorrow. I figured he might want it, but then remembered it was Kev and sitting around the house on one day off is a brilliant thing for him. So today I drive, tomorrow I will see if I can motivate him to take me and Jill to yoga in the morning so he can go to CostCo and do other things. Then he can just pick me up so we can go to Jenn and Dugan's for dinner. Easy Peasy.

Okay, my latte is getting cold and a shower is calling.

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Jack K. said...

Glad to see you learned to add blog labels to your routine.

Don't you just love this new beta blogging?

giggle, snerx, snort, tee hee.