Monday, March 20, 2006

do i have anything in my teeth?

Hello, my name is Shannon and I lack the ability to sleep in past 7:30 am on my weekends.

Even on a morning where Kev has to get up to go to a dumb meeting for his work (meaning HE gets up to feed Simon, Josie and Chloe) I can not stay in bed. It's like an illness or something. I was totally fine, slumbering away and then his alarm went off. Okay, no big deal, I can sleep through his one snooze (btw, I HATE snooze buttons with a passion. I say get up when you have your alarm to set to wake you because those extra 7-9 minutes DON'T. DO. ANYTHING.).

He is up, everyone is fed, Josie's been let out and back in, things are looking positive. Wow, I'm going to totally get a sleep in morning. I get to be the one still in bed with an orange cat and a black dog flanking her. I am the one who gets to roll over to his side of the bed with a triumphant sigh. I am the one...who hears him taking out the trash but not the recycling so I am the one who gets up to drag it to the curb. And then I am the one who is up for her day. I've already got my latte made and my half of an Everything bagel almost consumed (I wish they wouldn't use fennel on Everything bagels...not a huge fan I must say).

I now have a load of laundry going and was even contemplating getting a start on picking up the house (it's amazing how dirty it gets in a week when you have three, make that two since Chloe doesn't really shed as much as the other two, so two animals whom shed simply when you look at them).

I will find a hike for us to take today, since it is just that beautiful here, and I will be dressed and ready to go when Kev gets home (in about two hours we are guessing).

Now excuse me, I must go pick fennel out of my teeth....shudder.

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bronxbt said...

i feel your pain.
When wifee hits the alarm button half the time, then DOESN'T GET UP like she normally does... I'm screwed.

she's normally 1/2 way done with her AM routine before my 6am alarm goes off... so i sit there, wanting to jes blow it all off, but my mind goes "ping!" and i'm done. I sit there and wonder if she's going to be late, or if she's sick and can't get up, or who's going to feed the pets, or wha.....?

makes me nuts, i feel your pain, and also hate that crap on bagels too.