Friday, March 03, 2006

it's linktastic

I get up and go to the bedroom so I can get ready for bed (what, a girl can put on her pj's at 7:30 at nigh). As I pass the kitchen, where Simon is sitting in a box (what is it with boxes lately?) he jumps out and runs back with me. Josie hears us and decides she needs to see what we are doing. Chloe just sits on her dresser hoping I am going to give her more food (she's really turned begger thing on lately).

I'm grabbing my slippers and Josie is standing watching me. Simon walks up and rubs against her. He stops right under her chin. She looks down at him and starts licking him. I watch with a feeling of love growing inside. As I continue to watch them I notice she's nibbling on him. You know, like they do when they have an itch or are trying to get stuff out of their fur? Simon was just in ecstasy.

I feel lucky to have Josie and her pussycats in my life. The three are really quite special (and very lazy about updating their diaries...).

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