Friday, March 03, 2006


I have gotten word from the guy who does the schedules that not Thursday the 16th, but the 23rd I will be starting the whole "not going into the actual store to do work, but working from either home or the outlet store on our website" deal that my boss and I determined would be happening. The person who had needed Thursdays off is now able to work them again (yesterday was his last Thursday no work day) so I assumed that we would start this sooner (I was really hoping for next week). I'm a bit perturbed that Mr. Schedule is saying I have to wait. Not sure why.

Oh well, I must be patient. I will continue to take work home with me, shush. I have a few more orders to write up tonight as well as some things to design for Bambuseae. Tomorrow we are going to meet our friends for dinner and a drink after I get off work. Sunday an Oscars party (where we probably won't really watch, but eat much food and drink...water). Monday I'm supposed to have work done on the ink, but it's her partner's birthday so I think I'm going to call and postpone it myself. :) I offered, she declined. She did sound quite appreciative though (damn, I am a multi tasker, no?).

I'm kind of looking forward to a night at home alone. I am debating whether I should even take work home with me (a resounding NO is coming from the commentors I know). But, I have the show on Sunday the 19th. I need to present my reps with the orders at that time AND I need to run them all by Ahmed before I go. IF I were to have next week to work from home, I'd just make myself wait. BUT that's not going to happen. Maybe I'll call Mr. Schedule and see why he can't have the other guy in until the 23rd...

Okay, much to do and half an hour to do it.


I ended up NOT bringing any work home. And the talk with Mr. Schedule went well. He is even going to try to work something out so it could possibly start next week. Keep your fingers crossed! So much to do on our website...

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Jack K. said...

Good going. You shall persevere and overcome.

I look forward to the changes on the web site. Let me know when you have done anything to it.