Thursday, March 16, 2006

search better on acid?

I am sitting here trying NOT to obsess on the things I haven't gotten done at my works website. There was a commercial on for I swear it sounds like the announcer is saying "search better on acid".

Ahhh, after 11 hours (not quite straight, but really close actually), I'm not quite done with all that I want to do. There are a few links that I'm not happy with, but will fix them up tomorrow.

As for now, I'm turning off the computer and watching My Name is Earl.


Persico said... might be better if you're searching on acid.

bronxbt said...

um.. yesh, I did acid back in the day, and I can 100% confirm that you find a LOT of things when you are searching on acid.... on purpose or not.

and no negative side effects!

oh wait... what was the question?

k said... Earl. I've missed it two weeks straight because of work. This makes me sad. Hooray for DvD sets. And summer reruns.

Jack K. said...

Do you think they meant Tums?

Probably not.

PlazaJen said...

I love Earl. We watched it on the DVR last night - it was definitely a bit sappy but I LOVED it, and they always keep it nice & trashy. Love that Joy!