Sunday, March 12, 2006

is it 2:30 yet?

The house is clean. The animals, all napping. Food is on its way to being prepared. Chairs are arranged and waiting for my friends/fellow knitters to come and sit. Anticipation has always been hard for me. The party doesn't start for another hour and forty minutes, but I am all ready. Perhaps I inherited this preparation gene from my mom? I think so.

I have the bowls out for the various chips, crackers and cookies. Josie is all aflutter waiting now. She knows to expect people since the living room is all out of order (at least her order) and every time she hears a car door shut she instantly thinks it's someone coming here.

I suppose I can finish making a playlist for today...yeah, that's what I will do.

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bronxbt said...

omg that is soooo funny.
maddie gets all crazed and stoopid when she sees me prepping the house for guests...

she'll sit there, just "trying" to look nonchalant... then suddenly 'da wigglies will just attack her and she'll damned near fall on the floor with excited anticipation!