Friday, March 10, 2006


Wow, what an amazing day I had yesterday.

It started with me getting up WITHOUT an alarm at 7:30 (unless you can call the round orange creature we live with an alarm. then i did wake up with one, although i never once hit snooze). I took my time getting ready (well, as much as i could take since i was having to take kev to work). As soon as I dropped Kev at work I realized that the store I was going to go to first didn't open until 11:00 (and he didn't even know i was having thursdays away from my shop downtown so he was a bit perplexed to say the least). I got the photos of the two stores on Hawthorne (which honestly, they are all looking alike now because we have the same set up in each store, the walls are lined with racks of shoes). I then zipped over to the shop on Broadway (and had a lovely time talking with Barbara).

That task taken care of (i even got all the photos loaded straight to my new computer right then and there so no having to do it later when i uploaded the file to the publisher's website) I went to lunch with my friend Linsel. We had a wonderful talk (one in which i tell him everything that is on my mind about recent events, and don't hold anything back...nor does he). We discuss doing this at least once a month (i don't think i could do every week, we took a long lunch). I dropped him off at home and then headed there myself (where the trio was sooooo excited because they think anytime we are away from the house for any amount of time as soon as we get back, they get fed). I told them they were sad, sad creatures if they thought they were getting fed at 2:00 in the afternoon (and they did all settle down as soon as i sat down at the computer in my craft room).

Invoices, ready to send. CHECK

Photos, uploaded to the publisher's site. CHECK

Orders, written up. CHECK

Today I will take the orders in to my boss and get his feedback (which will result with me rewriting a couple, either adding styles or decreasing styles....although i've gotten quite good at knowing what he wants for the shops).

Today I will tell him how wonderful it was to actually get everything done without the stress of having to stop halfway through some project to help someone on their quest to find the shoe that fits their "hard to fit foot."

Today I will be calm.


Anonymous said...

Calm is good.

Jack K. said...

You are so cool. Glad to hear that you are getting the time to devote specifically to the ordering task.

Tell Linsel I said hi, please.

Give the trio of critters a smoochy for me.

Tell Kev we said hi, too.



bronxbt said...

sounds like bliss.
the only thing that would've been better had it all taken place on a sandy beach in Kona that I'm missing SO much right now...