Sunday, June 25, 2006

too hot

It's the end of June. Too early for a heat wave, but that is what they are calling this. Yesterday it got to 95 I think. Today, closer than that to 100. Yeah, I wish we humans would STOP SCREWING UP THE EARTH!


It boggles my mind that there are people on this earth who think they are all powerful, or worse have the "there's nothing I can do" syndrome. Both types of people are the same though. They both do what they please because even if they did alter their habits a bit, it really wouldn't make a difference, right? They throw everything away because that's what the landfills are for. My question to them is, what happens when they become landFULLS? Where then does the trash go? Shoot it into space? M'kay, not a great plan. We are small. We do not have the right to trash the earth AND the universe, but most people don't realize this.

I've noticed for ourselves, our recycling bins are fuller and fuller and our trash can has less and less each week. This makes me happy. I have an offer from friends who found a non assembled compost bin in their backyard...I haul it away, it's mine. Of course, I wish they'd just erect it and use it, but they don't feel they have the space for it. Hell on that, I'll make the space for it!

What can you do to help save the earth from an early death? Because we are killing her slowly (although that slowly really has sped up over the last few years which scares me to no end).


FemaleCSGradStudent said...

If you've yet seen "An Inconvenient Truth" you might have noted towards the end when Al Gore talks about the ways that we can get back to 1970 pollution levels. It's pretty simple, including things like riding the bus, recycling, and driving economical cars. I'll admit that Al's movie is a *tad* alarmist because the data that he uses is usually "worst case" or "business as usual," but the real message is there: CO2 levels are off the charts.

So I didn't actually see the movie. I saw Al Gore give the talk upon which the movie was based. He and I happened to be at Google on the same day. What a weird coincidence. I even shook his hand.

Shannon is right about the little things. Hell, if we just put the speed limit back to 55 mph", we'd save about 20% in petroluem consumption. The same thing was done in 1973. We don't need special cars or hydrogen fuel cells for this quick fix.

There are a lot of little things that can be done, and they will add up. This, coming from the gal that rides her bike to school everyday, composts, grows a vegetable garden, uses a push mower, and buys organic food. Hippie? Happily so. Not only does it help the planet, but I feel much better after a bike ride and a bite of organic cheddar.

Why is tight spelled that way but bite another way? They sound the same... I hate English.

What bugs me even more are the folks who say that global warming isn't real. The first step is to admit there is a problem, and at least some have taken that step.

Alright. Now I'm all ticked off. I'm going to go ride my bicycle around town and flip off the Hummer drivers.

bronxbt said...

saw the movie.
you need to too.

amazing, riviting, depressing


k said...

113 here yesterday. 109 today.

I put the regular trash can out this morning for pickup after skipping the past two weeks. It's finally full. The recycle bin...I've got a couple extras approaching the overfull point... Lawn's almost dead because we underwater it so... I arrive to work sweaty and disgruntled because I don't usually run my AC in the car (okay, that's mostly because it's kinda broken, but still...). I like to think I'm doing my part, but it's still. so. hot.

FemaleCSGradStudent said...

Fun things to do to cool down.

1. Freeze the bra, put it on.
2. Take a shower, don't dry off, and lay naked and wet under the ceiling fan.
3. Hideout a workroom in the basement and pretend to be Ted K.
4. Go swimming.
5. Take turns with your honey running ice cubes down each other's back.

And yes, Bronxbt, that movie is super depressing, if it's anything like the actual talk. I'll admit I was crying a two points.

One anecdote about the movie. There is a part where Al Gore shows a photo of Dominican Republic and Haiti share a border. On the DR side, is pretty trees. On the Haiti side is bare nothing. Al Gore points out that it's policy that can make a country look one way or another. The funny thing though is that the reason DR looks that way is because of a bloody, murderous, though environmentalist dictator who would kill people if they cut down a tree.

We need one of those. Okay, not really. In general, dictators are bad. But we do need better policy.

I'd go see the movie, except that my dumbshit, shithole town doesn't have it yet. I hate living here.