Sunday, June 11, 2006

We ran over to the Mall 205 Home Deephole and grabbed something to eat at the Subway within the "mall." Then, we had to talk with Dan at the Deephole and figured we'd make a frame for it. He helped us figure out the amount of wood we would need. We were going to make a platform for the shed. It was going to be a work of art...

We are quite proud of our efforts. I doesn't look all that level in the image, but it is. The fences, are goofy. The back one is so old, and the other (even though it is new) wasn't done well. Let's just say I'd not ever use that fence company to build anything for me.

So we sat around and patted ourselves on the backs for a while and then realized we were not even near done. We still had to move the shed. That glorious, beautiful shed. And? And? It was beginning to look like rain. M'kay. Not really wanting to move a metal shed in rain as all our garden tools and supplies (you have no idea how that word, supplies, evaded my brain) get wet, we had it.


Jack K. said...

Nothing like a worthwhile goal and the promise of a little rain will do to one's resolve.

Those fences are works of art in and of themselves, bad art. giggle

shannon said...

it never fully developed into a real rain. just enough to get our bootys in gear (not that they weren't already there).