Wednesday, February 01, 2006

it's that time again

...common sense, when does that come into play?

Shoe laces:
"I was wondering, I have a customer who has gone through her laces and tried a 30" and a 36" and the first was too short the second too long. What should she do?"

JUH? I measured the laces from an actual pair of the type of shoe she has. It came to 37" long. I told my coworker to tell the customer to go to Fred Meyer's or some place that sold shoe laces and if she felt that the 30s were too short and the 36s to be too long, look for something in between. Common sense. (this time the customer is also lacking in it to be perfectly honest)

I think I'll stand in front of this business whose door is standing wide open and take my smoke break.

Really? I mean come on boys. It's beautiful out and I want some FRESH air, not stale and gnarly smoke filled air that causes my HEAD TO HURT!!! Shutting the door would solve it, but again, it's lovely out and I really need to cool off the store (the heater works, too well, even when we turn it down/off). They've since moved, but I am not above going out and telling them to move their smoky butts away from my open door. They work upstairs and I see them often so it's not like they are random people. I see them about 10 times a day outside puffing away (ugh, that just makes me sick thinking of it).

Little dogs:
I am going to bring my tiny little dog who loves to run towards the door any and every time it is opened and allow her to run run run all over the store (you know, where people come IN and open the door to do so).

Oy vey! Then when I scramble to pick the damn thing up he tells me to let her run. I have images of this little girl running out into traffic and becoming a Maddie pancake (she's not a customers dog, rather the guy who pays me). So I carry the beast around and get myself all fuzzed up by her fluffy Pomeranian fur.

I am sure there is more, but this will do for now. I must go and sit and shake my head for a little while.


bronxbt said...

this is not acceptable. this little pom's name is the same as my madders?

I'm sorry, you're going to have to inform that owner that the name Maddie is already taken... by a way cooler and 65lb heavier dog.


Jack K. said...

Common sense? Unfortunately, you cannot legislate against stupidity. You can provide the service by suggesting Fred Meyers.

Smoking? Since you know them, tell them. If you don't know them, ask them. If that doesn't work, get a squirt gun and a fireman's hat. You get the picture.

Cute little pom's that belong to the boss and run outside? This is harsh, and you won't want to do it. Let her run. The only other alternative is to tie her up.

Remember, you did ask.



shannon said...

bronxbt- Maddie is really quite a cutie pie (as is yours). I tried to get him to name her Roxy, but the kids veto'd it.

dad- I was kind of going rhetorical there, but okay. :) I do like your suggestion for smoking though (the water gun and the fireman's hat). Oh, and never, ever would I let Maddie run around the store and outside...what service would I be providing there? I will not allow her to be hurt because I am trying to prove a point. Period. :) love you too!!!