Wednesday, February 15, 2006

am i the grinch?

**Yesterday as everyone wished me a "Happy Valentines Day!" I would look at them and state, "Yeah, I really don't believe in this holiday. I personally think it's better to share that feeling of love throughout the year whenever the fancy strikes you." I got the oddest looks all day. Towards the end I simply said, "Um, yeah, same to you."

So, what did we do for "the big day", you ask...we made fish.

I found a recipe for a parmesan crusted baked fish. Kev's only job yesterday was to find the fish. He went to some Asian market where he was the only 6'3" person there. Everyone looked at him and for a brief moment he thought about bailing. Then he decided that he would stay and find the fish for dinner. He went to the case where there was fish and other things (I am assuming there were other things since I wasn't there and he didn't really tell me) on display. He explained he needed 12 oz (or was it 24 oz) of flounder. The man said to him, "This will do and two fish will be plenty." What Kev didn't realize is that when he said "two fish" he meant TWO WHOLE FISH. So, he got home, unwrapped them and realized he was going to have to gut and clean two fish.

When I rolled in I was smacked in the face by some horrid scent. The first thing I think I asked was what one of the animals did. He just had this look on his face. Then I got the story. He ended up getting rid of the fish he was not successful cleaning or gutting and he went to another store and bought frozen rock fish fillets.

Everything worked out in the end, but there is still the slight scent of dead fish in the air. I'm sure the cats are beside themselves wondering where it is coming from (don't worry, the fish were disposed of outside...which means we will be thankful the temp is dropping to below 30 this weekend and not baking the fish in our trash can).


The people I said this to were friends or people I have seen on a daily basis for quite some time now. And honestly, most of them didn't only look at me with that odd look, but once I explained why I feel that way, most of them agreed. It's a holiday that has people believing they can get away without doing things for their loved ones throughout the rest of the year, but save up for the one big day. I say let the love show all year round...but then again, that is just my opinion.


Anonymous said...

These people were just being polite. If I said "Happy Valentine's Day!" to someone I didn't know and they responded with that, I'd think they were being rude for no reason at all.

bronxbt said...

that holiday sucks rocks. i did get wifee flowers for her (and the office gossip) tho, even considered signing it "juan" or something to get those rumors rolling, but in the end... just sent the damned things.

points earned? I dunno. made her smile tho.

I also prefer to show it daily, and not be dependant on some damned economy-driven lame-ass excuse for a special day where MOST guys get pressured and MOST gals I've ever known sit back and watch with glee.


Jack K. said...

When your sweetie-pie bakes a special chocoholic chocolate cake, and it is on that special day, how can I complain? I can't.

I will be sure to eat your portion Shannon since you have that damnable chocolate allergy. You don't need to thank me. Father's are supposed to make sacrafices for their children.

shannon said...

Bekah- I should have stated that these were people I knew whom I said this to. They all know me well enough to know what I mean. Although the way I did say it did not come off as being rude for no reason at all. Even to those who I didn't know...which there were a couple of random people whom I didn't know and I responded with that. They laughed with me about it.

Bronxbt- Juan is my boyfriends name!!! :) At least my pretend boyfriend. Flowers, Kev knows better...they make me sneeze. Plus, I'd rather plant flowers that will grow and be alive for me to enjoy.

Dad- Thanks. Tell your sweetie pie I love her. Enjoy my piece of cake!!!

bronxbt said...

wait a moment! SOMEONE SAID PIE!

and for the record, I've brutally if not unsuccessfully defended myself against your father's comments on my 2nd to most recent post with today's post...

if that made ANY sense at all.


Anonymous said...

While the holiday is a bunch of Hallmark manufactured crap, I don't think it's making people believe that they can't get away with not doing anything, it's a day to show MORE love. At least that's what I think.

And hey, you can give and get presents, and what's not to love about that?

Chickie said...

I think most people that don't show love at any other time don't go too far out of their way on Valentine's Day either.

You gotta be careful at an oriental market. I don't think there's anything on a fish that my Mom doesn't eat.

Jack K. said...
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Jack K. said...

I did and she says loves you to, as for the cake, it was absolutely wonderful.

Persico said...

Personally V-Day makes my stomach churn. I agree with you Shannon.

I disagree with any holiday that makes people feel like they have to buy someone something.

That's why Thanksgiving is the best ever. It's real. It's about family, and food. No commercialism to get in the way.

But to each their own.

snoopy6 said...

is valentines dya even a holiday? yes. if you gat a valentine....(count's me out!)

bronxbt said...

i like Shari's point... Thanksgiving day is a cooh holiday. families, fun, games, stories, spirits, and general good tidings.

A friend of mine disagrees tho, his heritage was filled with horror of your world being turned upside down by travelers from the sea, small pox, rape, alcohol, killings, destruction of nature, culture, and signing away ones soul..

oh yeah, and not cool if you're a turkey.

sorry, hard AM for me and i'm a little cranky.

k said...

Yo, Grinch Lady!
I gotta go with the "yeah, you should show the love all year round, but it's a damn fine excuse to get pretty things/chocolate/whatever and maybe have a nice mid-week 'date nite'" vein of thought.

And also, catfish is wondermous with the Parmesan stuff. My mom makes it (breadcrumbs/herbs/parmesan, right?) and let me just say...
Parmesan Catfish FTW!