Friday, January 18, 2008

wall of drapes

Well y'all asked...

It started with an idea of a wall to wall, ceiling to floor velvet curtains. I originally felt they would be brown, until I saw these peacock blue ones. This is the finished side of the room.

I attempted to hang up the wood and guitar, but those guys at the Deep Hole sent me in the wrong direction. Normally they are quite helpful, but I will never again go with plastic anchors for hanging something so heavy. No, nothing fell and all are fine. The anchors broke before I had the chance to hang anything. I will be going back and getting the metal ones I originally was going to purchase. They require I drill good sized holes into the wall, but since they'll be covered by the wood and guitar...should have listened to that inner guide.


k said...

Wow, what a gorgeous color those curtains are! The room looks amazing. But then, you always did have an eye for design. :P

Benno cd racks? We have them in Black. <<<333 them!

Jack K. said...

It looks fantastic.

You do good work.

PlazaJen said...

The curtains are gorgeous! And the room looks very cozy.

Monika said...

Now, of course, I must ask, what's behind the curtain?
The room looks very comfortabel, and I spy some knitting?! :o)