Monday, January 21, 2008

false alarm

Sitting in the basement with the tv on while surfing the net. You hear something from overhead that sounds like something dropping on the floor. All the animals are in the basement with you at the time. Your husband is at work until 11:00 pm.

Do you:

A. go upstairs and investigate on your own?

B. convince the dog to go upstairs and investigate with you?

C. call 911?

D. none of the above?

(you can say what you would do in the comments)


Monika said...

B is the only option! ;o)

Jack K. said...

I am reminded of a saying from a former First Sergeant that could be applied to situations such as this:

"What to do in case of doubt?

Run in circles, yell and shout!"

Not much help against potential burglars, but, then again, it just might work.

If that doesn't satisfy you, then modify b and get the dog to lead the way.

If Josie won't bite them at least she can lick them into submission.

Apparently all turned out well.

Love ya,


PlazaJen said...

I'd investigate with the dog, speaking loudly the whole way as though another person was there (after all, anyone breaking into the house already knows someone's home b/c of the tv). But I'd also be grabbing some sort of bludgeoning object. I got a little queasy just imagining how you must've felt! (given my crazy time when the unknown person came to the door calling out my name at 3 am.)

k said...

Every scary movie I've seen shows a hapless victim going to check on some mystery noise in the next room or downstairs or upstairs or..where ever. I always shout at the screen "No! You idiot! Don't go in there!"

But reading your scenario, that's exactly what I'd do. Here's my thinking on that though.... Your three critters were downstairs with you, acting as though nothing was wrong. Josie, at least, would have heard or smelled something out of the ordinary and alerted you--somehow. That's why I do the same dumb thing here; if the dogs aren't acting stupid, I figure it must be okay.

bronxbt said...

oh shannykins! i've missed so much!
don't have internet yet @ the new place, but here at work i can chime in and say HAWOOOOO!!!!

hope you're well, looks like you are, have fun painting and i'll check back soon.

results are in on FCR, wif' new ones to pick too...