Sunday, January 20, 2008

child proof

Today, while I am at work, Henry and his parents will be arriving to our new home. Am I sad I don't get to see first time reactions? A bit. Am I glad I get to see them again, so soon after getting to see them for Henry's birthday party? You bet!

Kev is going to have to clean the house. Now for some, this statement may seem funny. But honestly, when he's motivated, he cleans really really well. I've picked up clutter (there was a little, but not as much as normal) so all he has to do is run the vacuum and dust (cuz that second thing is going to happen).

I wish...oh so wish...that I would have braved the Deep Hole yesterday to get the things I need to hang up the guitar. Oh well. Such is life. I have to move the board out of the room, because I'm sure we'll hang downstairs and I don't want Henry captivated by the big, heavy board (and since he's a boy, he totally will be). I would hate for it to fall on anyone.

Instead we'll have three large gaping holes in the wall, a smaller fourth and two dinky ones where the guitar hanger had once hung (before the anchors started to pull out of the drywall). Lucky for me, our friends will be able to "see" what I'm doing when I show them all of the components.

Man, is it 5:00 yet? That's when I get to go home (although since I'm writing this from home it seems silly for me to be longing for 5:00 already so I can go to where I currently am). 11-5 Not horrible hours, but when you are used to not working on Sundays it can be a bit of an adjustment. Next Sunday? Jeans shopping. I'm not sure which I'd rather do. Work or shop for jeans. At least with jeans there can be booze. Of course I have a staff meeting next week, so I can't get too lit. Speaking of a staff meeting, I suppose I need to get a list of things I need to talk to the kids about. I will be taking my laptop with me today.

I'll report how well Josie does with Henry. The first time she met him she was all wiggles and licks (small ones, sneaky ones). But that was before he was walking. I'm sure she'll do fine. And she does love Jessica, Henry's mom. So I'm sure she'll be glad to see them all.

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