Wednesday, January 23, 2008

and we have a guitar!

Well here we are, kids. I left my real camera at work so I took these with my phone. Not too bad, but I will make sure to post ones I take with the camera once I get it back. I've made sure it is secure and safe (I called to make sure that it was locked away).

The guitar took me for a little ride. The left screws (which I know you can't even see in the photos) are actually into studs! Who knew?! When I went stud finding they weren't there...

The chair is a new acquisition as well. Craigslist baby! The woman I bought it from was funny. She started pointing around her house showing me her buys from Craigslist. You can find good stuff, but must be careful. She also said to make sure that the people really want to sell. Sometimes people don't want to really get rid of their stuff. At least that's what she's found.

So this room is almost 100% done. I just have to get two photos enlarged and get frames for them to hang over the couch. I was going to go with images of my grandfather on the farm, but then I started thinking it would be sweet to have black and whites of Bob and Fred (two of our past boy kitties). I was going to surprise Kev, but last night while we were at Ikea I asked him what he thought. He thought it was an amazing idea.

So, there you go, two more parts of this amazing room I've designed. Yeah, I really do love it and am so proud that I'm tooting my horn. :)


Jack K. said...

Thanks for the call alerting us to this fantastic room. We can hardly wait to get out there and see the whole thing.

Love ya,

Dad and Mom

bronxbt said...

horn tooting RULZ.
looks positively faboo.. but it sounds like you already knew that, eh?

toot tooooot!


Monika said...

The guitar looks good on the wall! Who'd have thought? It's nice to get ones living space the way one wants, and feels comfortable in. When we bought our house, I was still in Austria, my husband hired somebody to oversee the renovations and paintings. He asked which color to paint the whole house. I saw it for 1/2 hour, with many others and had now clue which one we had chosen. I said, anything but beige. Guess what the whole house was painted with!!! Right. I spent the first year totally miserable in this house, until I grabbed a paintbrush and started putting some color into it. :o)