Monday, January 07, 2008

1:44 am

That is the time that forever changed Josie's life. She had another seizure. I had turned off the lights (I know, late night for me) and Josie started to try to crawl into my armpit. I knew this was not a normal behavior and I figured what was coming next. I switched the light back on and tried to comfort her as best I could.

She fought it, legs flailing. Her pupils were completely dilated. Not responsive. I just talked to her anyway and tried to pet her as softly as I could. When she finally came out of it and was responsive three minutes had passed. I knew right then that we're seeing them get worse and who knows how many she's had when we're not around to see she's having them.

Appointment has been made. Today at 2:30. I love my girl and am so saddened by this, but I can't think of a better family for her to have ended up with because we will make sure she's taken care of.


bronxbt said...

my dearest shannykins!!!

like i told you in "chat," if you need me there for anything, i'm 3 hours away and will come to you and yer family inna heartbeat.

i'v dealt with this before; my dearest first puppers, rhody, who i've nev-ah written about before had seizures when she got older, so i'm a professional dawgie-hugger when called to action.

you let me know.
josie couldn't have chosen a better family to live her life with, and i'm confident that no matter what, she'll be taken care of by you guys...

big lurve, and call meh if you need anything.


k said...

oh shanny, I don't know what to say! Just know I'm thinking of you and Kev and the kitties and sending loads of hugs and shoulders and love your way.

Cari said...

Oh no! Lots of good healthy doggy thoughts headed your way.

Monika said...

Poor Josie, poor puppy! I'm glad she found you as her family! I hope she can get help from the vet.

Jack K. said...

You called and the energy is on the way. Give Josie and extra little hug from us.

Love you all,


PlazaJen said...

awwww. I was behind on reading all my blogs & this made me so sad. So I'm glad I had read the one above, too, that says she's bounding and happy and doing well on her drugs. She is lucky to have you guys & your caring & love, and it's so good that she's getting better!!!