Sunday, January 13, 2008

puddles puddles everywhere

I swear, we are changing Josie's name to Puddles. Okay, not really. But she's now had three accidents, two of which happened last night. Once while we were out of the house for a mere three hours (I made sure she peeped before I left the house to get Kev) and once when we were home, all watching tv.

I'm pretty sure I failed to give her her bladder medication last night after she ate. So I gave her the pill after stripping the bed to wash everything. And I still have to give her this morning's dosage before I leave for work. Since I gave her the pm dose so late, I'm trying to not make her OD.

Anyway, now I am paranoid that all my animals are looking like they are squatting to take a leak. But here is the thing about Josie...she's just laying there and it just comes out of her. It does not wake her. It does not leave her soaking. It just leaves whatever she was laying (or is it lying) on wet. And it makes for a very cranky Kevin. I'm no fan of it, understand that, but I have a hard time being angry at the dog for doing something she doesn't even realize she's doing. I am annoyed at the situation (the entire situation...epilepsy, phenobarbital, peeping) but can't yell at the dog. Kev's not yelling at her, he's just frustrated too.

One thing, we'll have the cleanest sheets in town! So much washing and drying. Thank goodness for new machines!

Aside from making Josie sleep in the storage part of our basement (read unfinished) I am at a loss. I think we'll look into peep pads at a pet store this evening when I get home from work. Maybe I'll go do a bit of research and see just how big we can find them.

Thank goodness that she drinks so much water that her peep is diluted quite a bit and does not have an odor.

Has this turned into a blog about my dog?! Ah well, it is what's happening in our world.


PlazaJen said...

I think the pads might be the way to go until things stabilize. (And, I think I've read that you can use regular maxi pads in 'em, that it's cheaper?) Don't know for sure, but anything that saves $$ and still helps is worth it. Good luck!

Monika said...

Our Biko is incontinent since she's 4 month old, so before spaying. The vet had no explanation. She too is just lying there, when it runs out. Now sh'e been on Propalin for several years. It doesn't happen too often anymore, only when for whatever reason she doesn't get her medication on time (twice a day, down from 3x a day). Since I'm home all day, I take her outside at least every three hours. No side effects from the Propalin, which always scares me. She doesn't drink any more or less because of the meds.
Unforutnately her right hip does still bother her, so she'll get x-rayed the comeing Tuesday.

Becky said...

Well, your dog is your baby:) Kona (my dachsund) is also a wetter, which I think comes from his accident when he fell a story and messed up his leg. He's gotten better about going to a different place and peeing on the floor, but sometimes, he'll pee in his bed and just lay in it until I come home. The vet told me there really wasnt' anything I could do, so I had wood laminate installed in my place in Seattle, so I just use paper towels and 409 to clean it up (which is less expensive than the pee sheets). Pee sheets could work for your carpet, if she will go to them, but if it's just leaking out of her wherever she is, then I'm not sure.