Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the test of time

Today was the longest we've left Josie since her peeping issues.

Six hours.

I prepared myself as I drove up to the house. I opened the door and immediately got her out the door to peep (which she was reluctant so I figured I would be sad when I checked the bed). She finally went and ran inside with me as I went to our bedroom.

NO PEEP! I got excited, she got excited and wouldn't it be a funny story if I then said she peeped out of excitement? But it isn't a funny story, it's a fantastic story with no peep on our bed or anywhere else it shouldn't be.

Of course as I'm writing this post I am wondering when this turned into the dog pee blog. Perhaps a rename is in order? The Peep Report? Yeah, I think maybe not.

In other news, I'm working on some knitting that is neither the upstairs nor the downstairs knitting. I know, I'm horrible (you knitters know what I am feeling). I got bored with the other two things on the needles (which I must say I feel glad that it's only two other projects on the needles currently). I decided that a certain friend of mine needs a warm head. I went out yesterday and bought some amazing charcoal grey alpaca. I've got about an inch done. I bought a pattern while at the shop, too. It's got the coolest reduction. I'll post pictures whenever I get that far.


Monika said...

Well, it IS good to know, how Josie is doing in the pee department, so keep telling us. Only three WIP's on the needles, that's not bad, that's how many I have on my needles right now. :o) Don't want to knit either of them. Want to spin, but must finish my dad's B-day scarf first.

bronxbt said...

jes' don't take pics of 'da peep... evah... then we'll know we've lost you.

other name ideas:

peep-ing tom?
portland chicks peep

hmmm, that's all i can think of, and even those were sooper weak.


k said...

Fantastic news! hooray Josie!

Jack K. said...

Good to learn that Josie is doing so well. Give her a hug from us all. And a little neck scritch, too.

Love ya,

Dad & Mom

StarSpry said...

That's great news! :D