Monday, January 07, 2008

baby gate (and it's not what you think)

In about thirty minutes Josie will be getting her first dose of Phenobarbital. We found some duck and potato wet food to give her with her am and pm pills. She's still on the diet trial (for her skin, which is doing very very well) and eating a duck and potato kibble. I'm glad we could find it in wet, too. Just think, that tasty treat two times a day, for the rest of her life. And she's going to have a long one.

Thank you for your words, my friends. It makes it better. I'm trying to remember that because she's on the drugs, she'll be around for a lot longer. The only thing I hope we avoid? The drinking more, peeping more thing. Keep fingers crossed that is not one of the side effects she has. Although I'm sure it will be.

We're installing the baby gate at the top of the stairs tonight.


Jack K. said...

Glad to learn that you were able to find food for her that she enjoys and it won't complicate her condition.

She is one lucky dawg to have you in her life. I suspect the reverse is true too.

Love ya,


bronxbt said...

she's in good hands, and yesh, her life will be long and filled with barbituatey-goodness.

we do what we have to...
just stay attentive, ge good, spread the looooove all around her and she'll do fine.