Thursday, January 10, 2008

puddle on aisle...bed

"What do you mean you kissed Amy?! Like friends or a real kiss!?!"

His silence was the answer I needed.

Dreams are wild and often encouraged by situations. Last night, Josie had an accident on Kev's side of the bed. He came to bed, late, and I woke to "What the....!?" I groggily told him we had two options.

He slept in the guest room, I stayed where I was because I was already half asleep and the peep wasn't on my side of the bed (although I did get up and get one of the dog towels to put on top of the puddle to sop up as much as I could). I had no clue she'd done it. I think she leaked, instead of stood and peeped.

This is an interesting plot twist. I mean I suppose it's not a twist and we knew she'd drink more because of the drugs. And we're smart enough to know that means she'll peep more. But I suppose was is twisty is that she will simply lay there and peep. I think it's a surprising twist to her.


bronxbt said...

some dawgs look mad-crazy-good in pet diapers.

is it wrong to read the story and be relieved (no pun intended) that it was josie who peeped and not yer hubs?


k said...

my old Boxer Kobe had incontinence issues. One thing to watch out for--although probably not as problematic with a female dog--is the cleanliness of the dog itself. Although I was always concerned with the potty puddles all over the house, I tried to make sure Kobe was clean and dry first.

And don't *ever* start an entry like that again! You had me stressin! :P