Tuesday, January 01, 2008


All non knitters, feel free to skip today's post.

There used to be a time when I'd have one thing on the needles. I wouldn't allow myself to cast on for anything else until I was done with whatever current thing was on the needles.

I have read about others who cast on for something they are thrilled to be knitting, only to be bored out of their gourds when they are halfway done and longing to cast on for that next great thing. I'd started to feel that way recently. Until I decided to have two projects in progress at all times.

Enter upstairs/downstairs knitting. It's the perfect solution for me. Now I just have to get some decorative box for keeping the downstairs one safe from Josie's big nose. The cats, couldn't be bothered by the yarn. Instead, I have a yarn dog.

Anyway, speaking of knitting... I think there is some lovely dark blue Manos waiting upstairs for me to continue with my progress of "my so called scarf". The ivory alpaca and mohair, double strand, feathers and fans scarf has gotten enough of my time tonight (don't ask the makers of the two yarns, ball bands have a way of disappearing in my house).

Hope everyone had a lovely first day of the year and that it reflects what is to come.



Jack K. said...

I can hardly wait to see the results. You do such great work.

I really love the blue scarf from last year. It has come in very handy this year, too.



PS: Our day was lovely, but you already know that. Thanks for the call.

tongue in cheek said...

I am not a knitter. I am all thumbs. How I wish that weren't true.
I would love to be your two hands to help hold the yarn apart! I think that is part of knitting I like best, the quiet moment it evokes.