Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Is it considered a success if the peep only went through the new peep pad to the comforter and not soaking all the way through to the mattress?

The materials we used for the bed cover were not exactly what the "pattern" suggested but the woman at the fabric store said the vinyl isn't washer/dryer safe. Melty melty.

SO I just have to wash the comforter, not the entire bed, and the peep pad. I think it's better than what we have been doing this past week.

What do you think?


k said...

Progress is progress, my friend! Celebrate the smalls steps because they will lead you someplace grand.

I have read (while researching an entirely different, yet related product ;) ) that flannel and/or felt are highly effective as absorbers(?) when layered. What's Josie's pad made from?

PlazaJen said...

hrm. I had emailed you the idea of using oil cloth & didn't think about the washer/dryer! Dur! The only thought there would be a double layer of something vinyl-ey (snaps on the four corners? that could snap onto the bottom of said peep pad, would create a barrier to the surface below, and could be disinfected/wiped clean.
But then you'd need it to come up on the sides. This idea of mine involves copious amounts of not-guaranteed-to-work work!
You just need to wrap everything in plastic until I have brain time to think this through. ;)