Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Last week I came down to the lounge and found one of the two balls of yarn I'm using to make a fabulous scarf looking like it had been disemboweled. I blamed Chloe.

I'm sorry, Chloe. I was wrong.

Today, after finishing my shower and coming out of the downstairs bathroom (in which Chloe was locked in with me) I found Josie sitting next to this mess.

I've taken it to the lounge and am in the process of attempting to put BOTH balls of yarn back together again. It feels a little like Humpty Dumpty...and I'm one of the king's (wo)men who couldn't put him back together again.


Jack K. said...

Who knew Josie would be into knitting, or just the yarn. lol

StarSpry said...

Oh no! Good luck getting the balls back together.

Your room looks great! I love the guitar on the wall :)

Monika said...

Josie? Really? It was not the (evil) cat, and Josie just being at the wrong palce at the wrong time??? :o)

PlazaJen said...

Do you think she's trying to learn? Or is it that cat in her coming out in full-force?

thanks for the props in the blog post above this one! I know you're always in my corner. :)