Saturday, January 26, 2008

more evidence

I am now convinced Josie is part cat.

When we first adopted her 4 years ago Josie showed no interest in toys. We'd throw a ball for her and she'd look at us as if she was wondering why we threw that, we were just going to have to go pick it up...

We have a basket of toys for her. There are actually two toys she'll play with from it so I consider it a win. However, her true toys of choice? Cat toys. Sure the two from her basket are indeed dog toys, but the ones she really goes for and will play with and toss around and chase? Cat toys.

If the camera were charged (I picked it up from work yesterday) I would have photographic evidence that my dog, is part cat.


k said...

funny you should say that--the first toy that our hounds *really* got into was a cat toy... A long ribbon attached to a stick. They go NUTS for that kind of thing.

They will now chase basketballs and tennis balls--not necessarily retrieve them, but they will *chase* them.

However, I do keep Pounce and Whiskas cat treats on hand. They are so tiny that they make great training treats. :)

bronxbt said...

maddie got mad at me the other night and actually said, and i QUOTE:


she WAS raised by 3 cats afterall...