Saturday, January 19, 2008

diggity dog back in the house

Well, Kev and I have noticed that Josie is adjusting to her meds nicely. Now we have her on a higher dosage of the medication for her bladder muscles she's not leaking. We're making sure to get her out much more often and she's asking us to go out more, too.

Poor kid, she got a bath this afternoon when I got home from work. This is a good thing since she attempted to help us paint on Thursday. Her tail made a good brush.

Currently she's curled up on the smaller peep pad on the couch.

So the room. I really love it. If it wasn't Saturday I would have gone to the Deep Hole to get metal brackets that I have to drill into my wall to use. But, I dislike going to that place when it's busy. And weekends, it's always busy. I think we'll go this week sometime.

The last thing I would really like to do is find an inexpensive, yet nice, dark wood desk. I'm kind of thinking it might be fun to go to an unfinished furniture store and get something to paint myself. Just an idea.

Of course in the master design, we'd eventually get a wall mounted tv instead of the monster we have now. But that's something for when the monster dies. I'm so glad that it's almost done and I can focus on other spaces. Not sure what I'll do next. I would like to get the hallway upstairs painted soon. Shouldn't take more than a quart of paint, in my estimation. Lots of doorways and the built-in.

I'll post the pics of the room when it is 100% done (and 100% clean).

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