Saturday, January 07, 2006


Today is my sister-in-laws birthday. Years ago on this very day I made the comment to Kev that my New Years Resolution was going to be to send all our close family members (parents, siblings, aunts and uncles...maybe a cousin or two) birthday cards. After I made the statement he promptly asked the date, I told him it was the 7th and that is when he informed me my resolution had been was his sisters birthday. Crapdammit!

Each year I try to have that resolution, to remember those whom we love on their day of days. Each year I fail miserably to actually send the card or even make the call. Who knows, maybe I'll actually come through one of these years. However, even if you don't get a card, know that on your birthday I usually say or think to myself, "Oh shit, it's _____ birthday!"

So this year I resolve to keep doing what I'm doing. Keep being happy. Keep my chin up. Keep the peace. Keep on keepin' on.


Jack K. said...

I have found that if I put them in my calendar on the computer, I can have it remind me so that I can then forget to do anything about it.



shannon said...

you know dad, i did that for my yahoo group pals so i can be the good group "owner" and remember people's birthdays. don't know why i haven't thought to do that for all the family yet...

thanks for reminding me.

PlazaJen said...

The other thing that's out there (and free) is - I love 'em. They send you TWO reminders!