Thursday, January 19, 2006


Words escape me at times.

What words to use today?

Brain and mouth, not connecting.

Customers think I'm a crazed lunatic because of this fact but laugh politely as I make a joke about it.

I almost typed tit.

I try not to worry about the words I type here, but I read them through my parents eyes at times and rethink my choice.

Sometimes this makes me sad, other times I appreciate it.

Descriptive words of the way I feel sometimes elude me.

I am happy, yes.

I am content, yes.

I am frustrated, at times.

And every once in a while, I could spit nails.

Thankfully, it is not one of those times.


shannon said...

oh and i forgot to add, sometimes i'm envious of the words others seem to be able to use so very easily. i know envy isn't exactly a good thing, but i am...every so often.

Jack K. said...

Bless you for the courage to share what is in your heart. I am learning that I need to be less judgmental of others and the things they write in their blogs. I made that mistake once and wish I hadn't. As far as I am concerned, you should write what your heart dictates. After all, you can always go back and change it.

By the way, I like the style of writing in this posting and the "time" posting of a few days ago. It is very refreshing and oh so easy to read. Thanks.

Do Good Works!



bronxbt said...

First of all, you're entry is cool. yesh, thank you for sharing.

Hope you're okay... and not just sitting somewhere, rocking back and forth talking to yourself like I often do.. er.. see others doing.

2nd, JACK IS COOL. Jeez, I wish my father would post something.. anything on my blog. I wish he'd stop telling the same damned stories every get together and just TALK to me!? whine. You're lucky, and I betcha you've made him SOUP too...

Hugs from yer pal up North!

shannon said...


Thanks. I did that at work when I had to be quick and could't be on too long. And you are right, I can always go back and change things...


yeah, my dad pretty much RAWKS (both of the 'rents do actually).

I'm fine, just sipping my morning latte and dreaming about the chunky burnt orange yarn I bought yesterday that is already being made into my first hat!!! Pictures will eventually be posted...

Will try to get online and chat a bit today, but I still have 20 of the 23 cases of shoes to un-friggin-load today. Joy.