Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Electric Youth

Electric Youth
Originally uploaded by kristinbuel.
my yarn...(hope you don't mind i'm blogging from your flickr photos, kristin)

i just purchased this from my online knit friend, kristin. well, i sent the check today. i think i might make socks, OR a great blue scarf. not sure. will have to see when i get it what it tells me it wants to be.

she dyed and spun this yarn. it's special!

i'm really excited!


Adrianne said...

That is really pretty yarn! You might want to try Recycled silk, it comes in yummy colors too. Can't wait to see what it wants to be.

I've put some pics in flickr as well, and managed to add it to my blog. It has some of the things I've crocheted. Thanks for showing me flickr.

Love you...

Jack K. said...

I love that color. I'm with Adrianne, I can't wait to see what it wants to be.



PlazaJen said...

Yeah, that is some gorgeous yarn. I'm jealous! I see a feather & fan scarf.
(It's your yarn, though. You might see something different! :) )

bronxbt said...

I would pay you for a nice, thick pair of cozy & wonderful socks to wear around the house on our cold AM's and PM's... even the carpet in our house is sooo damned cold....

Wifee has a big thick pair of socks that I swear voilated a whole sheep to make... and I'm left with 10 year old ghetto slippers that are wearing thin..

think on it.
Well, either socks or soup.. giggle