Tuesday, January 10, 2006

hello body

Tonight was the first yoga class in almost a month. The last practice had been on the 13th of December. The Tuesday prior to Christmas we had chosen to get together and share time with one another.

Jill, Diana, and myself decided at that practice we would meet up on the 10th of January and take a class together. This idea sounded splendid at the time. Jill and I got together once before I went to Mexico to practice, which was good and it was tough. I practiced once while in Mexico, which was short but still centering. Neither practices got me ready for the reawakening of my body that took place this evening.

Shoulders, tight.

Hips, tight.

Neck, tight.

Everything, tight.

As we went through the practice, one of my first ones in which Diana was not the woman pushing and pulling my body, I felt myself loosen up and really feel each movement. I thought about what had gotten me there tonight and thanked myself for that.

I fully expect my body to not be as loose in the morning, nor will it be in two days. However, I will thank it for being the vessel that it is. I will thank it for getting me through another day. I will thank it by treating it with the respect it deserves. I will thank it by continuing the travel through my yoga practice.


bronxbt said...

WOW! All this stretching and searching and soreness and flexibility and talking about vessels and stuff REALLY makes me want to....

eat a doughnut.

Mua ha ahahaaaaa!

I'm evil, yesh, but mr puddins luvs me.

Sounds like you're well... so good to hear!
Did I mention that I've consistantly missed 3 workout dates with my new gym membership? I've GOT to stop designing in the evening and get back in there! Ack!

~ bronbxt

Jack K. said...

I like the way you are relating to your body as part of your spiritual discovery. I am still continuing my search and it isn't as easy as I like to believe it is.

I have been doing my daily 20 minute walk on the treadmill. This morning I tried one of the programmed walks. I had to quit because it was much faster than I was ready for. I did do the mile, and the 20 minutes. I will not go back to the 4.5 mph for a while. I need to move to that speed more gradually than I originally thought. But, I will continue the walk.

I think maybe I should try to do some meditation on the walk. Or not.

Keep up your good works.



shannon said...

i'm not quite as tight as i thought i'd be this morning, but usually it's the day after the day after...we'll see what tomorrow brings.

bronxbt, yes, get thy ass to the gym!

dad, meditation on the tread mill might be a bit difficult since you need to be quite mindful and there when walking on one of those things. maybe after you walk you could sit quietly for a while and allow your body to feel the accomplishments of what you just did?

Jack K. said...

Good idea. After I wrote it I thought better of it.