Tuesday, January 17, 2006


sitting at work.
have had one person come in.
she stayed for maybe a total of two minutes.
rain keeps people away.
people forget that if they don't get out in the rain, they will never leave their houses.
waiting for something to tell me it needs to be done.

tuesdays are hard.
they are the monday of my week.
they sometimes hold paperwork.
they sometimes hold a million phone calls i have to make.
they sometimes hold absolutely nothing.

today, is the third type of day.
time stands still during these days.
makes me watch the clock, even though i try not to.
is it time to eat lunch yet?


bronxbt said...

maybe today will be a better day at the "office," eh?

Keep yer chin up! Greet people differently each time they walk in! Have some fun, offer to thumb wrestle... something!

Or, ping me at my office and we can lament in unison over dreariness of rainy days. :)


Adrianne said...

Can you figure a way to send some rain my way? Haven't had any here since mid-October.

I made soup!! It's good too!