Monday, January 12, 2004

Making my Daddy proud!

Well, I finally called an electrician. Our house has felt like a disco lately, lights (every one in the house) flickering for a couple months now. Some days are better than others, and then there are days where the power has cut out and reset clocks and our dvd/transformer. We decided we should call the man who did the inspection on the house, Paul, since he did a great job with the inspection. Plus he said if there was ever anything we needed we should call. I called and they led me to Doug. I called and have an appointment set up for them to come look at everything on Thursday!!! Dad, I told you we would take care of it!!! I am quite proud of myself really.

It has also been a day of purging. I went through my closet and got rid of things that don't fit anymore, are not in the regular rotation, or are just old and worn looking. I rearranged the room, moved the bed and what not, and then had Kev go through his drawers. It feels great!!! Our friends are going to come for dinner tonight and Marcy is going to go through the bags to see if there is anything she or her sister would use. Nothing that is worn out is there, that usually gets tossed. I have pulled a few things that I know she would like, but I figured she might want to look through the other bags too. I even got rid of shoes!!! Big thing for me to purge. Four pairs are gone.

Well, I must go figure out what I am making with the lasagna tonight.

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