Tuesday, January 06, 2004

snow day!!!

I just got off the phone with Ahmed who says when he answers, "are you on your way to work?" I simply laugh and tell him that I am calling to get his verdict. He then says that I should go in...to which I reply, "what did you say? I get a snow day?!" And he laughs saying that is exactly what he said.

Josie has been out twice, although she was not so thrilled the first time out. But seeing as she only did #2 at that time and it'd been since the night before that she did #1 I knew that when she was smelling around the house it was time to go potty. Actually if you ask her if she has to go potty she will get excited and give you a look that says yes.

Joy, I know you are all excited about the intricate details of my dog's potty situation...

I am still not sure why the photos are acting goofy, I checked and could open one more of the three I posted, but the third is still acting stoopid. I am going to go put on my flannel pants!!

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