Monday, January 05, 2004

dog bed

Well, yesterday we decided we needed to get Josie a bed. She was trying to use the sofa for a little while, and we knew we needed to nip that one in the bud. So, we went to CostCo and got her a bed. She does get to use it.

We also went to our friends house to have a play date with Edgar. The seemed to have a good time, what do you think?

It is soooo cold here today. I think it is only in the 20s!! It's like we are back in Kansas. I am guessing that the only reason we go outside today is to let the dog out, take out the trash and recycling and bring the bins back in once the trash is collected. I took Josie out once, and the trash to the curb, it's Kev's turn to take her out again and bring in the bins!!

I have laundry going and tlc on the tv. I think I may go make another latte!!

Peace out!

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