Sunday, January 04, 2004


It is Sunday, which is like my Saturday. It is 7:28 in the morning. I am awake. I'm not sure how I came to be except all I remember is having a dream I was drinking orange soda in the back seat of our car with our former neighbor Kerri, Kevin was driving and I'm not sure who was in the passenger seat. Then I realized I had to pee (in the dream which always is an indication you have to in real life). Before I could get up on my own though I had a cat jump onto my dresser and play with something that I was sure I'd hidden so he could not play with it. I stood up, tossed him down and laid back down. Now I knew that when I got up I would surly have to feed our menagerie. Then that same cat decided to jump on the bed, which is something you feel since he weighs approx. 16lbs. He walked across my pillow, pulling my hair and then went and curled up with Kev. This is not the norm and I thought to myself, "wow, I am getting a moments peace from the critters on what is my Saturday morning." But then the pesky bladder reared it's head again and I knew I couldn't stay in my warm cozy bed any longer. As soon as I stood up the critters all came to life. Josie, with her cold wet nose, excited that I am awake is just a ball of waggingness (yes, I make up words when awake at 7:30 in the morning on my day off). Her entire body wags when she is excited. She's always excited in the morning. Simon jumps down from the bed with an audible thud as he lands and a little tiny meow, so small for such a large cat. I feed the beasts, use the loo, and go back to bed. Josie finishs her breakfast in her usual breakneck speed and I can hear the clicking of her nails as she makes her way to the computer (that is usually where I am after I feed her during my work week). Realizing I am not there she makes her way to the back of the house and peaks in the sewing room, although I should really let myself call it the cats' room. She looks around in there, because there are so many places I could hide...yeah right, and then she sees me in bed. I know I have to get up again to let her outside so she can do her business. I grab my robe, because when I was feeding them I noticed there was an ever so light dusting of what the people here would call snow. I lay down the ground rules "we are going out, you are doing your peep and/or poop and we are inside fast." She follows them. She is a good dog. So, why, you ask am I still awake? Because my body won't let me go back to bed. Now that the critters are all fed they are back in their respective beds I am wide awake. My eyes just pop back open. I have heard that you should get up when your body tells you, and if it is 7:10 in the morning on your day off, so be it. We have a play date set up with our friends and their dog Edgar later. I hope Josie gets as excited as I am.

Maybe I'll go lie down on the couch and check my eyelids for light leaks.

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