Thursday, January 08, 2004

i made it!

The bus ride this morning was rather uneventful (the way I like them), but the one home was a bit nerve racking. The buses all have chains on their rear tires to give them better traction, well there were several times that they didn't really do much as we were trying to assend a couple of smallish hills. And then one slipped and was just flapping in the breeze (very loudly smacking into the bus with each rotation of the wheel). I told the driver that I appreciated his job and him for doing it.

Got the coolest email ever today! Made me feel very cool indeed. A woman in London reads my blog and thought she'd send me an email telling me that she has been enjoying it. So, a shout out to Wendy in the UK!!

Now, if only some of my friends here in the states would let me know (other than Kerri and my family) what they think...oh pipe dreams.

I am home in the warmth of my house and need sustenance from a short day at work (I think I was there a whole 4.5 hours today).

Hey, let me know how you found my blog (if you aren't a friend who I emailed begging to read it). Address is at the top.

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