Wednesday, January 07, 2004

blogger is acting up

So the post with my geocities site (if you all can see it) isn't supposed to be there anymore. I deleted it yesterday and it still is there when I check the blog. I have started a web "page" through geocities, but I may be finding another host because their template is really hard to use (maybe they make it hard for you when it is free but when you pay it gets way easier!!?

We have day two of snow and ice, which makes me think that I will be getting another snow day. Although I am going to wait until 8:30 and then I will call Ahmed and find out if I'm supposed to go in...can we say doubtful. The mall that is only a few blocks away has closed. I can't see us being open if the mall is closed.

If that is the case and I am staying home once more I think I want to try to use my time better. Maybe do a little vacuuming, finish up the laundry, dust, etc. I did read The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood yesteray. I love that book. I have never seen the movie, nor do I think I will. I like the way the scenes play out in my mind and would be sad to see them do it wrong. :)

Okay, going to go eat some breakfast and get a latte (I drink them even when they are decaf!!).

Maybe I'll post later. I am going to poke around online for more photo sites to use. Since you all probably can't see my photos anymore.


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