Monday, December 22, 2003

following orders/requests

So, I got the email, "more pictures please" from my friend Kerri in OK. She just updated her blog so I thought I should update mine.

We have had a great first three weeks with Josie. We have been reminded why we wanted a dog that was at least two years old, when visiting friends homes with puppies. They are cute, but look at this face. She and I were having a little play time when her Dad was still in bed. She was so happy and full of puppy goodness without the destruction and sharp puppy teeth!!

Simon and Chloe even hang out with her now. I'm not fond of the shot of me, but in the other one we took just after this it looks as though I am strangling poor Josie. I'm not, I was just trying to get her to look at the camera.

And you have all heard how much she loves her dad. She likes napping with him, sitting next to him while he's on the computer, or just being near him. Although right now she is perfectly content to chew on some rawhide. Not my first choice of chew toys, but Kev got her some when I wasn't looking.

We gave dear Josie a bath yesterday and sadly didn't get any "wet" shots of her with her fur sticking out in all directions (quite cute really). And I didn't think she could get any shinier than she was already like this shot with Marcy. But when I got home last night she was gleaming...again sorry that I don't have the shot to compare. We will be recharging the camera today since we have family arriving tomorrow.

Well, I think I have dried too many eyes out now. I heard that I have quite the following of readers. I only know of a handful of people so if any of you wanted to let me know what you think...the address is as the top of the blog.

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