Friday, December 19, 2003

we have a tree!

Kevin went yesterday to the Lents Little League (Lents is the park near us-huge with a large baseball park plus much more) tree lot and got us a tree. It is a nice little tree, very full and round, almost shaped like Simon!! We hung the lights, the garland, and all our plastic ormanments I have gotten every year of my life. It is such a cute tree!! The kids, thus far, have left it pretty much alone. We believe that if you allow them to investigate while you are putting the tree together they will not be as curious later. In years past this rule has worked for us, but this is our first real tree...

Work picked up today, YEA! Yesterday was about mind numbing. We are going to see The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) tomorrow with some friends. It should be....long. I am excited to see it, but not as excited as two of the people I am going with. Chuck and I are in the same boat as we didn't read the books. But Marcy and Kevin are nuts about it all (where do you think I got the LOTR from?).

I don't like candy anymore, I've decided. We have gotten candy from just about every manufacturer we carry. My teeth feel hairy, my stomach wants nothing to do with anything sweet again for a little while, and just the thought of it makes me feel funky.
Crap!! I forgot to call my Grandma Sam (Dad, send me a reminder so I do it tomorrow morning, will you?) to tell her we got the chocolate pecan pies for Xmas dinner. I still have nothing but Mom's Holiday Potatoes on the menu. I have to figure out what to buy at the store on Monday. Maybe we'll just eat a ton of potatoes!! :) No, I'll make something good, I promise.

So it's like this, I'm outta here!!

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