Friday, December 26, 2003

ahhhhh, it's done

Well, dinner was a success. We had brisket, Mom's holiday potatoes, green beans with toasted almond slivers and herbed corn. It was quite tasty.

It has been such a nice visit. And the great thing is that I have then next four days off still!! Julianne and David head out tonight for LA and my parents are here until the 29th. We are planning on a day of shopping today and then who knows. I think Dad and I are going to take the bus home when done, since 6 won't fit in the Honda!!

Josie was a super star and didn't beg at dinner, she cuddled with my sister and was basically just a great dog!! I keep saying it, but it bears repeating. We lucked out with her, she's a gem!!!

She must have known I am typing about her because sghe is trying oty wh help me abd climb in my lap,.

artgghghkhyju; o'u

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