Friday, December 05, 2003


It has come. Today has been raining almost constantly. Not complaining, just informing.

Kev said that the crew was all sleeping when I just spoke to him a minute ago. Until Josie heard his voice and they I could hear her following him. She hangs on his every move. I really feel she thinks the sun raises and sets on him!!!

She is an escape artiste though. She doesn't like the whole getting gated into the kitchen thing so we must come up with a better solution. I really don't want her to have the run of the house while we're gone. At least not until she's used to the idea. I have no clue how she'll react to Kev's absense once he finds work.

Speaking of finding work, that is going well. Has some prospects, but don't want to jynx so I will wait until he is hired on somewhere to say anything.

Last night at work we had an open house. One of my favorite reps showed up and gave a presentation about the history of his company. It was great to see him all of 12 hours he was in town!! He's back through next week so we can do dinner then. We had a great time, drank some wine, ate some cheese, sold some clogs. Much different thing when you can drink wine while selling!!

Tonight we are going to have a low key night at home. I was invited to go to Pioneer Square (basically a full city block downtown that events are held at) to have some beer with some girl friends, but since I have been a bit icky in the health arena I figured I'd wait until I was 100% before doing any of that.

It will be me, Kev and the fur kids for an evening of Scrabble? Haven't brought that idea up yet. I am hoping for burritos though!! We got the chicken and way too many beans when we went shopping on Monday so we gotta make them...

Well, getting ready to close up shop (in 45 minutes) so I should go fill some clog racks.

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