Sunday, December 21, 2003

the sunday before christmas

and all through my house there were creatures stiring,
and boy there better not be any mouse.

One Chloe, one Simon, one Josie all rose.
One Shannon sat typing as Kevin still dozed.

The tree was lit, the presents not wrapped.
We really want the critters to help us with that.

As the days drew nearer for family to come.
All Shannon could think of was what she'd not done.

To vacuum, to dust, to pick up the clutter.
Don't forget to get steel wool and a yellow dobie scrubber.

Taper candles for the table an air freshener for the car.
If this house is it's cleanest she'll be such a star.

And so she sat thinking and dreaming of cleaning.
And knew that she'd get everything beautiful and gleaming.

Just where is the energy, where is motivation?
In the kitchen she can make her latte creation.

So off she goes with such a clatter,
or great another thing for her to pick up later.

To all that don't get to come to our home,
we wish you all well and will see you when you roam.

For anytime any of you wish to come see,
we'll be here with a sofa on which you can sleep.

Just call ahead to make the reservations,
we'd hate for you to come while we're on vacation.

Happy holidays to everyone this cool December morn.
We'll think of you all on Christmas without the creamed corn.

(I guess Mom couldn't find any this year.)

Love you all!

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