Tuesday, December 09, 2003

take two...

I tried to post this last night. I had it all typed out and hit post & publish. Then it got sucked into the void of "cannot show this page."

Josie has a friend! We took her over last night to meet our friends yellow lab, Edgar. At first I must admit I was a bit worried. She was carrying on, growling, hackles raised, teeth bared...but then something happened and after a bit more sniffing of each other they were off. They ran around the backyard at top speed for what felt like hours, really it was probably at about 15 minute spurts.

Jess and I then took the kids on a long walk, over a mile!! They did quite well, although they are both pullers on the leash. Josie and I and Kevin are working on this. We ran into two large dogs, and Josie was a superstar! No growling, no barking, not a peep out of my girl. She usually would be a bit growly, but with her pal Edgar acting like such a star she had to fall in line. I praised her and praised her and praised her!!

I may be going this weekend to help Karen, Josie's foster mom, with showing some dogs at PetCo on Sunday. I want to meet the woman who kept such good care of my little girl and help her find forever homes for the others that are in her care. This way she can adopt more and save them too.

Must go, have to go to work early today to do inventory and place a massive order today. It never stops!

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