Thursday, December 18, 2003

josie likes to chew

Well, you guessed it, Josie has decided that a pair of my clogs made a tasty treat. Luckily Kevin caught her and gave her all kinds of hell AND the clogs were not that damaged. She also likes a pillow I made out of an old button up shirt of Kevins. Not sure why, but she takes it out to the front room, tosses it up in the air and then after a while becomes bored with it. We are trying to curb this obsession.

Her true colors are showing and although we don't like what we are seeing surface we are in love with her and are willing to work with it. We will be making something to block the kitchen doorway that is not a baby gate, she jumps over that (and we are worried she will hurt herself at some point.

Kevin just got our tree, I hear it is not super tall, but it's taller than our 4' tree we usually have. That one is at the store in the window. It's the perfect height in the window on the table.

Okay, I'm rambling about nothing too exciting and I must go.

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