Tuesday, December 02, 2003

throat sooo sore...

Since I only got one day off this weekend I have not allowed my body to fully recover from feeling icky. Yesterday I thought I was going to be fine, throat was feeling better, body not aching. Then I woke up today. My throat hurts with each time I swallow and my body wants to just be wrapped up in the blankets back in bed. I may have to talk to Ahmed about leaving early today. We'll see if he has things to do this afternoon, if not he may have to be closing for me.

My day off with Josie was great though. She joined us on several of our errands, all revolving around her (okay just PetCo was for her and the bank was for us). She and I went for a walk, while her Dad stayed home and put away the groceries. We actually left her for the first time today. We got a baby gate from friends and gated her in the kitchen. She just hung out, but was so excited when we got home. She is a funny girl. She wakes up with me, let's me take her out and feed her (which she doesn't gobble up in one sitting) and then she'll hang with me for a while, but it's back to the bedroom to her bed by Kevin. She is a daddy's girl!!

Last night we did have a chase happen. She decided that Simon's fast movement was something she should investigate and Simon didn't agree. Hence, he took off running (a bit freaked out) and she ran in persuit of him (thinking he was playing). I yelled for her to leave him, and after a couple of times she did.

Jill was over to watch KU basketball. It was a bit nerve wracking at times, but they pulled it out!

As many times before, I must finish getting ready for work. Ugh...

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